Monday, June 1, 2015

Facing My Fear: Blogging

I know this is June 1 and I have not added to my blog for a few months - at one point I thought perhaps I am just not cut out for blogging but then thought, wait a minute, "I'm a MOM, I can do this" - so here we go!
The Brooks Family.

As a designer, I am learning the world of blogging and using it to inform, educate, and pass on design tips.  The pursuit of learning involved in my business keeps me striving to bring the best of the design world to my clients.

My goal is to blog weekly with all sorts of ideas about interior design and my business "Design Consulting."  I'll mention design difficulties I've helped clients maneuver through.   I'll cover all sorts of design tips, information from the pros, new products coming onto the market, and how to use accessories.  We'll even travel to gardens to look at design spaces there and see how "greens" can add life and warmth. So here we go of into the great, wide, wonderful world of design and all its mysteries.

You can also see my monthly articles in the Bowman County Pioneer. Here's what I wrote for last month: All about calligraphy.


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