Thursday, February 11, 2016

Christmas 2015 - How fleeting!

Auntie Dee and Polish Poppyseed Coffee Cake
I'm writing this after the holiday as it was so busy in December.  We were blessed to have family here for the holidays and that is always extra special!

My theme for this year's decorating was "It's a Polish Christmas."  Just what makes a Christmas "Polish"?  Growing up with 8 siblings and a Dad who was 1/2 Polish set the stage.  Our Mom taught us about her nationalities (Scotch, Welsh and Norwiegan), and our Dad's (he was 100% Polish).
Delicious family recipes were part of the holiday fare - Polish Liver Sausage - I almost had to bribe Dad for the recipe.  Polish Poppy Seed Coffeecake and Creamed Onions and Creamed Cabbage.  What memories these 4 conjure up for me, what special memories of family!

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