Monday, March 14, 2016

Family Celebrations

On our latest rip to MN we had lots of family there - my 2 sisters, our son and grand daughter, and my husband and me.  We ate our breakfasts at the cabin and did our first big family meal together - homemade chicken, vegetable soup - crockpots are a wonder!
We took a bit of a break one afternoon to swim at our local Wellness Center - what a beautiful facility!
Valentine's Day window.

We celebrated Valentines Day - my grand daughter and I decorated a wee bit with hearts in the windows and a pink polka dot tablecloth.  We celebrated my birthday and had lots of fun opening gifts and just spending time together.
Festive table.
We're planning an Easter trip - weather permitting.  And we look forward to possibly having as much family as can come for our first Christmas at the Cabin. 

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