Friday, May 13, 2016

"This Trays for You"

Trays to choose from
Last week I had the privilege of introducing a group of ladies to tray making.  We had a great time crafting together.

My daughter, Bridget and I made our first ones years ago after seeing the idea in a magazine.  The first step is to paint the tray, then add feet, then design a collage (the French word for gluing materials in new arrangements and designs), and lastly adding glass to protect the design.

Mom's tray - my first tray - when I was young we used this tray to carry our picnic dishes and foods to the backyard for family picnics.
Paul's tray - this tray features Christmas cards that Paul's postal patrons have given him.

The trays are varied colors, shapes, and sizes.  The themes can be anything the tray makers choose - some gals brought pictures of friends and grand children to add to their trays.  Each gal left with a new "tray" creation.

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