Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fun with Lighting

Tess's Lamp
Years ago I fabricated my first light fixture - it was purely experimental and I did not know if it would work.  It was 6 sided and each side was composed of clear Contac paper onto which I stuck yellow, orange, red, and brown torn pieces of tissue paper.  My Dad helped my build the frame and figure out how to light it.  Our first lighting of it was with two 40W bulbs hanging down the center of the lamp - it glowed!  Later, when small decorative lights came out on the market I used strings of them to light it.  My Sister, Tess, used my idea and built a smaller version of my lamp - she lent it to me so I use different fabrics on it as I go through the seasons.  Right now it is all oranges, browns and greens.

My bathroom chandelier is an idea I found on HGTV - it is constructed of 2 metal wreath rings that hang one inside the other connected by metal key rings.  From these two rings hang beads in a variety of colors.  For my summer chandelier I have orange disks, green leaf beads, and magenta string beads - the colors make me think of sunny summer days. 

Bathroom Chandelier

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