Friday, July 1, 2016

Progress at the Cabin

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters
Work continues slowly but surely.  The insulating team came in to insulate the basement - first with 1" of foam and the next day with 3" of a cotton denim batting - for installers - so much better than the fiberglass.  They wore full respirators and coveralls.  Paul looked like he was ready for "Ghost Busters".

The day after the insulating was complete Paul started replacing the 2"x4" floor plates that had rotted out from the water in the basement.  He will begin tiling the downstairs bathroom - a brand new skill for him.

Mowing our huge yard is a big project - the grass was 2' high when we arrived.  Due to new drain tile, septic mound system, and eaves troughs we have no water in or near the house.  The biggest bonus is that there is no pond in the back yard, no water draining back into the house and fewer mosquitos!       
Getting ready to insulate

Old log chute

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