Friday, July 1, 2016

Warning - Bears at the Cabin

Our game warden neighbor, Greg, told us to be armed and aware of the influx of bears around our cabin.  He told us that they have been raiding the bird feeders in peoples' yards.  We didn't see any while we were there but we did see the photo he took of tracks in his driveway.  So we may be installing some triangles, gongs or bells on our buildings so that we can alert each other if one is spotted.  Bear mace, whistles, and bells may become some our outdoor attire.

When we were there this last time I had opportunity to travel to Minneapolis, attend a grand nephew's graduation with my sister Tess, and then bring our granddaughter back to the cabin.  We stopped at an antique store and rescued a giant, fuzzy, brown bear from a small crib - he was very embarrassed to be in such a small bed and holding a doll - he now has a new home at the cabin!  We have to think of good name for him.   

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