Monday, April 3, 2017

A March Birthday

Easter tree
A few days ago I had the opportunity to do a design birthday party for a young girl - Sarah.  Her grandmother, Marilyn, purchased the party for her.  She is in the fifth grade and loves everything about design. Since she was just coming from a full day of school I set up a design lunch - the table was set with an Easter/Spring theme.  Our menu was juice, strawberries, turkey rollups, chips and Easter candies and nuts.  What a fun time we had getting acquainted!

I showed her the many diverse tools of interior design and some of my blueprints from various projects.  We talked about color and lighting and I gave them a tour of my house, showing them many different design concepts.   

Party lunch
She showed me some of her floor plans and different tools that she has used to draw furnishings and accessories and has lots of ideas about designing spaces for her family members.  She definitely has a very keen interest in all things "design".

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