Monday, April 3, 2017

Musings about Christmas

One of the reasons I enjoy family so much during the holidays is that the first Christmas began with a two member family that soon became 3 with Jesus' arrival.  Life would hold untold adventures for this wee family.

A Christmas world
A winter's night
We hosted our first family "Christmas at the Cabin" for 9 family members. My two sisters, Tess & Ange, our two sons Jess & Landis & Landis' daughter, Josephine, niece Erica and her fiancĂ© Stan, and Paul and I made up our family group. 

What a wonderful time we had together - one of the things I particularly enjoy, when the house is full of guests, is hearing all the various conversations taking place around the house.  Paul talking with Jess & Landis in the basement about building and tiling projects, Josephine talking with her Aunt Ange about art projects and school, Aunt Tess and Erica and Stan just being together enjoying each others' presence (we're just getting to know Stan). 

Snowball fights and soft dart gunfights broke out with lots of running and laughing and carrying on - so good to see family having fun together.  Tess says "have you noticed that we turn into 10 year olds when we get together".  Its ok by Paul and me - we love to have fun with our family.

Meals are fairly simple with all of us combining things we've brought along.  Paul takes us out for Chinese or Mexican or to Pizza Ranch so I get a break, too.

We love to go to the Wadena Rec Center where we swim, use the hot tub or steam room or go upstairs to work out on the machines - what a wonderful facility! 


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