Monday, October 24, 2016

About that September trip

The Minnesota lumberjacks

We arrived at the cabin to find that we had lots of little critter visitors - we loaded and spread out mouse traps and sticky traps along the paths they seemed to be taking.  We caught a bunch!  Our neighbor, the game warden, told us that mice are particularly bad this year - the acorn crop was so sparse that they are finding it hard to find food of any kind.

We also arrived to find at least 10 large trees uprooted on our property - the result of some big winds that did some severe damage north of us.  One tree lost a huge branch that ended up draped over our second story roof and hanging all the way down to the ground.  Landis and Paul got out the tractor and it took the two of them working to keep the tree from falling on them or breaking any of our sun room windows.  Because of the downed trees the lumberjacks were busy cutting, hauling, and stacking wood.

Whenever we find tasks that were unexpected it keeps us from getting projects done that were on the list.  Little bathroom work done and we didn't get the counter tops done either.    

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