Monday, October 24, 2016

Beautiful Fall

Indoor fabric reflects outdoor nature
Fall brings with it a change of scenery - where all was lush green with vibrant fun hues - we now see leaves begin their showy performance modeling oranges, yellows, reds, golds, and deep maroon - such rich colors.  The frost tames the colors and they move into browns, tans, and greys.  This is all before the arrival of cold temperatures and blankets of millions of snowflakes - the earth resting.

Our MN trees are loosing their leaves and as they do we try to pick up as many as we can - they get hauled out to the mini forest at the back of our yard - the wind knocks a lot of small branches down so we are continually adding them to the forested area - a nice place for bunnies for winter.  We have lots of wildlife around our yard - we have a small all black squirrel - we've named him Blackie.  Our woods are home to a pair of screech owls - we see them winging through the woods hunting mice we hope. Blue jays, nuthatches, and woodpeckers and red and grey squirrels spend lots of time scratching around the yard.  Deer wind their way through our yard quite often.

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